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日本ORIHIRO欧力喜乐 青提子香橙口味蒟蒻 12件入


  • 一种小巧,美味的魔芋果冻,含有大量果汁。
  • 该软件包旨在避免窒息风险,因此任何人都可以安全地使用。
  • 各种两种口味,包括青提子和橙子。(2种口味×6个,总共12个)。
  • 当你感到有点饿时享受它。



  1. 用双手抓住标记的一部分,请沿着虚线缓慢撕开。
  2. 享受咀嚼良好的挤压分为几次而不吸吮。
  3. 可能会切口并加入开孔,请只吃挤出的果冻进入口中。




ORIHIRO Puru's Konnyaku Jelly Muscat and Orange Flavour 12pcs


  • A small-sized, delicious konjak jelly with a plenty of fruit juice.
  • The package is designed to avoid choking risks so can be safely taken by anyone.
  • An assortment of two flavors including muscat and orange. (2 flavors×6 pcs, 12 pcs in total).
  • Enjoy it when you feel a little bit hungry.


How to eat :

  1. Grasp the part of the mark with both hands, please hang up slowly along the dotted line.
  2. Enjoy chewing well-extrusion divided into several times without sucked.
  3. That it may cut the mouth and adding the opening hole, please enjoy only the jelly that was extruded to enter the mouth.



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ORIHIRO欧力喜乐 青提子香橙口味蒟蒻 12件入 Puru's Konnyaku Jelly Muscat and Orange Flavour 12pcs

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