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日本PELICAN FOR BACK背部祛痘印香皂美背皂去背部粉刺香皂 135g


  • 这款日本 Pelican For Back 是药用本草成分,所以对美背祛痘有非常不错的效果哟~
  • 最适合混合性或是油性肌肤、易长痘痘的肌肤 ,能祛除角质和多余皮脂,防止毛孔堵塞,杀菌效果一流,简直是背部有痘痘的救星呢。
  • 棒棒的是有两种有效成分,杀菌、消毒、有效防止粉刺,皂土、甘油等多重保湿成分配合,保持肌肤水润。 
  • 洗净成分:炭,泥(高岭土),木瓜蛋白酶,肌肤的杀菌消毒 
  • 药用有效成分:三氯生,二甲甘草酸,保湿滋润 
  • 保湿成分:膨润土,甘油,三圣,甘草酸鹿 
  • 想要美背的这个绝对不能错过~也是店主每次到日本都会补货的商品哟~



  1. 使用前,头发要梳起,以免头发打结。
  2. 加水搓揉起泡,搓出浓密的泡沫,敷在全身。
  3. 停留30秒左右,用水冲洗即可。
  4. 一定要将水分擦干再换上干净的衣物就可以啦。




PELICAN For Back Medicated Soap 135g


  • Made from at The Blended COAL MUD that Helps to Cleanse your body deeply and to Treat the Back acnes.
  • A Black the SOAP that the make the Sure you look Perfect in the any Summer Wear.
  • Give you A Smooth and Bright looking Skin.
  • 3-step process to cure and hydrates your back
  • Kill the bacteria to avoid the formation of new acnes.
  • Deeply cleanse the pores on your back.
  • Has a porous structure which can contain a large amount of mineral.
  • It absorbs impurities and the smell on the skin, giving a clear, clean pores by remove the oxidized sebum and dirt. 


How to use:

  1. Tie up your hair.
  2. Wet your hands and lather it.
  3. Apply onto your back and leave it for 30 seconds.
  4. Rinse off.



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日本PELICAN FOR BACK背部祛痘印香皂美背皂去背部粉刺香皂 135g PELICAN For Back Medicated Soap 135g

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