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Perfect Bubble for Body Floral Plus 500ml



  • Shiseido Perfect Bubble shower gel is a new line of Shiseido Senka based on the "fragrance change sensor" technology . Shiseido Perfect Bubble cleans dirt, sweat, body odor, enhances the antibacterial ability to kill unpleasant odors.
  • The "scent change sensor" technology removes the smell of sweat, deodorizes the body, replacing it with a sweet and refreshing fragrance from fresh flowers and natural vegetable oils, helping to save the scent throughout the day.
  • Shiseido Perfect Bubble also nourishes skin soft, moisturizing dry skin is always smooth. Usually cleansing soap is always dry, but Japanese Shiseido shower gel gives you a feeling of comfort and smoother skin because the added moisture nourishes the skin.


Why choose Shiseido Perfect Bubble shower gel?

  • Shiseido Perfect Bubble with "odor sensor" technology has continued the success of Shiseido Sea Breeze men's shower gel for men, which is also based on the invention of "odor sensor" that has been very popular with consumers, especially male customers for its very effective deodorizing & scenting ability.
  • Customers will feel more secure when using domestic Japanese products, not only with guaranteed quality but also effective use, which is always affirmed with the famous Shiseido brand. You are no longer concerned about poor quality and harmful substances like other products.
  • Cleansing, deodorizing, aromatherapy & nourishing… all four effects meet the wishes and requirements of customers for a daily shower gel.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.


SHISEIDO SENKA 资生堂洗颜专科花香加强型泡沫沐浴乳 500ml



  • 资生堂Perfect Bubble沐浴露是资生堂Senka基于“香气变化传感器”技术的新产品系列。资生堂Perfect Bubble清洁污垢,汗水,体味,增强抗菌能力,消除难闻的气味。
  • “气味变化传感器”技术消除了汗水的气味,使身体除臭,取而代之的是鲜花和天然植物油中的清新香气,有助于节省一整天的气味。
  • 资生堂Perfect Bubble还能滋养肌肤柔软,滋润干燥的肌肤始终保持光滑。通常,清洁皂总是干燥的,但日本的资生堂沐浴露却能给您带来舒适感和光滑感,因为添加的水分可以滋养皮肤。


为什么选择资生堂Perfect Bubble沐浴露?

  • 资生堂采用“气味感应器”技术的Perfect Bubble延续了资生堂Sea Breeze男士沐浴露的成功,这也是基于“气味感应器”的发明,该发明因其非常有效而受到消费者特别是男性顾客的欢迎。除臭和香味的能力。
  • 使用日本国产产品时,不仅可以保证质量而且可以有效使用,这将为客户带来更加安全的感觉,这一直是著名的资生堂品牌的肯定。您不再像其他产品一样担心质量低劣和有害物质。
  • 清洁,除臭,芳香疗法和滋养……这四种功效均满足客户日常沐浴露的需求。



SHISEIDO SENKA 资生堂洗颜专科花香加强型泡沫沐浴乳 500ml Perfect Bubble for Body Floral Plus 500ml

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