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日本 PH CARE 私处天然草本杀菌护理液 绽放栀子 150ml


  • 具有完全天然和良性的成分,适用于敏感区域,可定期使用而不必担心干燥,发痒,不适。
  • pH = 5轻便,不会失去生殖器部位的天然pH值。
  • 该溶液具有良好的消毒能力,可以清洁细菌,从而预防炎症和妇科疾病,消除瘙痒。
  • 该溶液具有非常柔和的香气,还有助于去除难闻的气味,使女性始终感到自信和舒适。



  1. 取少量液体打出泡沫清洗,使用后沖洗干净,必要的時候可多使用几次。




PH CARE Feminine Wash Shower Splash 150ml


  • With completely natural and benign ingredients, suitable for sensitive areas, can be used regularly without fear of dryness, itching, discomfort.
  • pH = 5 gentle Light, does not lose the natural pH of the genital area.
  • The solution has good disinfecting ability, cleaning bacteria, thereby preventing inflammation and gynecological diseases, eliminating itchiness.
  • The solution has a very mild fragrance, also helps to remove unpleasant odors, for women to always feel confident and comfortable.


How to use:

  1. First, lightly wet your skin.

  2. Washing the skin first is necessary to remove large dirt and to improve foaming.
  3. Take PH JAPAN feminine wash approximately 100 yen coin (approximately 2ml) in hand.
  4. It does not mean that the amount is large.
  5. Make sure to take the appropriate amount.
  6. After bubbling firmly, carefully and gently wash the delicate zone without rubbing.
  7. The trick is to wash gently while moving your hands like circles.
  8. After use, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.



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日本 PH CARE 私处天然草本杀菌护理液 绽放栀子 150ml PH CARE Feminine Wash Shower Splash 150ml

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