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PIGEON 贝亲 婴儿防晒乳 SPF35 PA+++ 30G


这是一款考虑到宝宝皮肤的防晒霜。 它是日本一家大型奶瓶和奶嘴制造商


●皮肤刺激性经过皮肤专业人士测试。 不是每个人都会出现不会发生的皮肤问题。)






提前 20 分钟涂抹于面部和身体。 请2~3小时后重复,以达到最佳防晒效果。清洁时,使用洁面泡沫或沐浴露,然后用清水冲洗。




PIGEON Baby UV Baby Milk SPF35 PA+++ 30G


0 months after low-stimulus birth Uv radiation measures, such as water recreation and leisure.

This is a sunscreen that takes into account the baby's skin. it's a big manufacturer of bottles and pacifiers in japan

●You can also use it for sensitive skin.

●Skin irritations tested by skin professionals have been tested. Not everyone has skin problems that won't happen.)

●Protect the skin from uv damage+dryness to prevent rough skin.

●Combined with moisture (ceramide, hyaluronic acid) and skin roughness (licorice acid), these components are often lost by ultraviolet rays.

●The effect lasts long.


How to Use:

Apply to face and body at 20 minutes' notice. please repeat 2~3 hours later to achieve the best sunscreen effect.When cleaning, use cleansing foam or body wash, then rinse with water.



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PIGEON 贝亲 婴儿防晒乳 SPF35 PA+++ Baby UV Baby Milk SPF35 PA+++ 30G

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