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日本 PITTA MASK 防病毒无纺布口罩 5pcs


  • 3层结构的高功能过滤网
  • 【内层】保持透气形状
  • 【中间层】采用与N95规格相当的特殊带电过滤网
  • 【外层】抗菌除臭/抗过敏原加工处理
  • 采用与N95规格相当的特殊带电过滤网/阻挡PM2.5.
  • 利用与N95规格相当的特殊带电过滤网,隔离空气中的微小颗粒(0.0001毫米)99%的病毒。
  • 紧密贴合的弧形设计,预防空气中的悬浮微粒病毒的侵入。
  • 不易变形,在嘴边形成适当空间,消除呼吸不顺畅的烦恼。



  1. 打开包装,确定好口罩的上下方向。
  2. 左右打开,挂在耳朵上,然后整理好即可。




PITTA MASK Arax 2.5a 5pcs


  • High-function filter with 3-layer structure
  • [Inner layer] Maintain a breathable shape
  • [Middle layer] Special charged filter screen equivalent to N95 specification
  • [Outer layer] Antibacterial deodorization/anti-allergen processing


How to use:

  • Check the front and back. The side to which the ear rubber is adhered is the inside (face side).
  • Align the nose fitter with the shape of your nose.
  • While fitting it to your face, hang the rubber on your ears.
  • Spread the pleats up and down according to the size of your face.



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日本 PITTA MASK 防病毒无纺布口罩 5pcs PITTA MASK Arax 2.5a 5pcs

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