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日本 PITTA MASK 白色常规尺寸花粉冷抗菌UV切割口罩 3pcs


  • 表现出有效的防花粉,灰尘等作用,并提供85%的紫外线防护。
  • 创新技术可阻止99%的花粉 专为克服廉价口罩的缺点而设计。
  • 舒适的长耳圈贴合和柔软的弹力材料为您的耳朵带来舒适的贴合感。
  • 不会使人迷雾,并保持新鲜和呼吸。



  1. 打开包装,确定好口罩的上下方向。
  2. 左右打开,挂在耳朵上,然后整理好即可。
  3. 此款口罩非一次性,可水洗3到8次。
  4. 不管是哪种类型的口罩都不提倡用太久,容易滋生细菌。




PITTA MASK White Regular Size Pollen Cold Antibacterial UV Cut 3pcs


  • Shown to be effective in protecting against pollen, dust etc.
  • As well as offers 85% UV protection. Innovative technology blocks 99% of pollen
  • Designed to specifically overcome the shortcoming of cheaper masks.
  • Snug fit with long ear loops and soft stretchy material provides a painless fit over the ears.
  • Doesn't fog classes and Stays fresh and easy to breath.


How to use:

  1. Check the front and back. The side to which the ear rubber is adhered is the inside (face side).
  2. Align the nose fitter with the shape of your nose.
  3. While fitting it to your face, hang the rubber on your ears.
  4. Spread the pleats up and down according to the size of your face.



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PITTA MASK 白色常规尺寸花粉冷抗菌UV切割口罩 3pcs White Regular Size Pollen Antibacterial UV Cut

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