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日本 皓乐齿 SUNSTAR ORA2 活力柑橘亮白净色漱口水 360ml


  • 呼吸舒适,配合保湿成分透明质酸钠配方,滋润口腔。
  • 加固成分软化牙菌斑等污垢,漂浮冲洗,异味吸附成分吸附去除异味源头。
  • 这是一种温和的使用印象,不会因非酒精处方而受到刺激。
  • 柑橘&海洋清爽风味水生柑橘型。
  • 不含酒精,温和不刺激。



  1. 取适量含于口中,漱口约 20 秒后吐出。
  2. 使用后无需用水漱口。




SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Breath Fragrance Mouthwash Aquatic Citrus 360ml


  • Feeling comfortable to breathe, with moisturizing ingredient hyaluronic acid Na formulation, to moisturize mouth.
  • Reinforcement component softens dirt such as plaque, floats and flushes, and odor adsorption component adsorbs and removes the source of odor.
  • It is a gentle use impression which does not get irritated by non-alcohol prescription.
  • Citrus & marine refreshing flavor aquatic citrus type.
  • Alcohol-free, mild and non-irritating.



  1. Take an appropriate amount in your mouth, rinse your mouth for about 20 seconds and spit it out.
  2. No need to rinse mouth with water after use.



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皓乐齿 柑橘亮白净色漱口水 SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Breath Mouthwash Aquatic Citrus 360ml

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