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韩国 PROPOLINSE 比那氏 酷爽型涑口水 600ml


  • 去除口臭,牙垢,烟渍,美白牙齿
  • 加强清新的薄荷香气
  • 建议吸烟的人



  1. 倒取漱口水10-15ml(半瓶盖左右)。
  2. 在嘴里咕噜咕噜30s,反复冲洗口腔各个部位。
  3. 每次漱口20-30s吐出即可。
  4. 吐出就会有黑色的絮状物,把口腔中杂物和有害蛋白菌清洁干净,清楚看到去污效果。






PROPOLINSE Mouth Wash Refresh 600ml


  • Remove bad breath, tartar, smoke stains, whiten teeth
  • Strengthening refreshing mint aroma
  • Recommended for people who smoke


How to use:

  1. Take 10-15ML mouthwash completely mouthwash, mouthwash in your mouth, agitation cheeks and lips.
  2. And repeated use mouthwash oral rinse all parts, remove the teeth remain in the nest minor groove, gap teeth, gums, lips, and cheek, etc. ditch physical residue and debris!
  3. So reducing the number of bacteria in the mouth, to clean the mouth purposes.
  4. Allowed full access in the mouth and teeth, gums.
  5. In your mouth, for about 30 seconds you can spit.



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韩国 PROPOLINSE 比那氏 酷爽型涑口水 600ml PROPOLINSE Mouth Wash Refresh 600ml

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