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韩国 PROPOLIINSE 比那氏 樱花限定款漱口水 600ml


  • 很神奇的漱口水,它直接将口腔内的蛋白质,污垢固化!
  • 肉眼就能看的见,前所未有的畅快感受!
  • 它没有普通超市的漱口水的那种药味及不能使用感,非常温和且效果超常,用后感觉异常清新,对口腔护理非常有效,值得推荐!
  • 强化洗净成分,软化牙齿里面隐藏的污垢。
  • 让其浮出方便轻易,的冲洗掉,清除口内污垢同时吸附异味清除产生异味的成分让口气清新。
  • 彻底杀菌,清除引起口腔的物质,清洁口腔。
  • 让牙刷也难刷到的地方也可以清洁!
  • 去除口臭和异味,清除口腔垃圾,保持口气清新你我更亲近!
  • 适合所有人群,大瓶装更适合家庭使用


  1. 取10-15ml(半瓶盖)漱口20-30秒,轻松告别食物残留,口气,牙石,烟渍 某种可以彻底杀菌
  2. 清除口中异味,清理口腔垃圾的漱口水,让刷牙也很难刷到的地方都得到清洁!  




PROPOLINSE Mouth Wash Sakura 600ml


  • A very amazing mouthwash, it directly solidifies the protein and dirt in the mouth!
  • It can be seen with the naked eye, and it has an unprecedented enjoyment!
  • It does not have the medicinal smell and unusable sensation of ordinary supermarket mouthwashes.
  • It is very mild and has an extraordinary effect. It feels unusually fresh after use. It is very effective for oral care and is highly recommended!
  • Strengthen the cleansing ingredients, soften the dirt hidden in the teeth.
  • Make it easy to surface, rinse off, remove dirt in the mouth while absorbing odors, removing odor-producing ingredients and refreshing breath.
  • Thoroughly sterilize, remove substances that cause the oral cavity, and clean the oral cavity.
  • You can also clean the areas that are difficult to brush with the toothbrush!
  • Remove bad breath and peculiar smell, remove oral rubbish, keep your breath fresh, you and I get closer!
  • Suitable for all people, large bottles are more suitable for family use


How to use:

  1. Take 10-15ml (half bottle cap) to rinse your mouth for 20-30 seconds to easily say goodbye to food residue, breath, tartar, smoke stains.
  2. A certain kind of mouthwash that can completely sterilize, remove odor in the mouth, and clean up oral garbage, so that the places that are difficult to brush can be cleaned!



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韩国 PROPOLIINSE 比那氏 樱花限定款漱口水 600ml PROPOLINSE Mouth Wash Sakura 600ml

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