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日本PURE SMILE CHOOSY 两用水嫩浸透唇膜 茶树味


  • 嘴唇皮膚無彈力無光澤選它 含茶樹精華(補水增加彈力關澤肌膚 去死皮)
  • 含有维生素E胶原蛋白和透明质酸。
  • 使用 5 - 30 分钟可大大减少细纹,让您的双唇保持滋润。
  • 使用 1 次后,您的嘴唇就会充满水分。 
  • 快速有效缓解干燥、皲裂、皲裂的嘴唇。

  • 含有维生素 E、胶原蛋白和透明质酸,可提供额外的保湿效果。

  • 凝胶型面膜,可留在唇部以减少细纹;让你的双唇变得柔软和滋润。



  1. 清洁面部(沐浴后使用效果最佳)
  2. 将凝胶面膜敷在嘴唇上
  3. 保持 5-30 分钟以保湿渗透,然后小心取下。





PURE SMILE Choosy Lip Mask Herb 1pcs


  • It is a dedicated lip packed with peach fruit extract, honey extract, hyaluronic acid Na, hydrolyzed collagen etc.
  • It leads to the lips with moisture and firmness.
  • Contains Vitamin E Collagen & Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Use it for 5 – 30 mins greatly reduces fine lines and leaves your lip moisturized.
  • Your lip is pumped with moisture just after 1 use.


How to use:

  1. Cleanse firmly removes dirt and extra things.
  2. Adhere the hydrogel pack to the lips in close contact.
  3. Penetrate moisture on the lips for 5 to 30 minutes and slowly peel off.



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日本PURE SMILE CHOOSY 两用水嫩浸透唇膜 茶树味 PURE SMILE Choosy Lip Mask Herb 1pcs

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