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日本RILAKKUMA轻松熊 橙香休足休眠脚贴 18枚入


  • 含有6种草药。
  • 令人放松的香味。




  1. 沐浴后或睡前使用。
  2. 使用前确保皮肤干燥清洁。
  3. 去除一半的透明薄膜并贴在所需区域,即小腿、脚底或脚踝。
  4. 取下另一半透明薄膜。
  5. 为获得最佳冷却效果,请在使用前冷藏。
  6. 不要存放在冰箱里。




RILAKKUMA Orange Flavor Foot Patch Relieve Tired 18pcs


  • Contains 6 kinds of herbs. 
  • Relaxing scent.


How to use:

  1. Use it after shower or before going to bed.
  2. Ensure skin is dry and clean before using.
  3. Remove half of the transparent film and affix to the required area i.e. calf, sole or ankle.
  4. Remove the other half of the transparent film.
  5. For best cooling results, refrigerate it prior to use.
  6. Do not store in freezer it.



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日本 RILAKKUMA轻松熊橙香休足休眠脚贴 18枚入 RILAKKUMA Orange Flavor Foot Patch Relieve Tired

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