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日本乐敦ROHTO Lycee 维生素和氨基酸营养眼药水 #黄色 12ml


  • 对眼睛模糊(眼屎过多等情况),眼睛疲劳,结膜充血,
  • 预防眼病(游泳时,尘土和汗进入眼睛时),眼睑炎,眼部干痒,因紫外线造成的眼炎都有疗效。
  • 具有抗疲劳、去除红血丝、促进新陈代谢、补充水分(保湿)、加快细胞呼吸的作用。
  • 特别适合在空调房间、电脑前工作的人使用。
  • 因戴隐形眼镜造成的不适也有绝好的缓解及治疗作用。



  1. 1次1~3滴,1天5~6次。
  2. 滴眼药之前别忘了先洗手,以免经手接触引发感染;点完眼药水(膏)有可能手指会点到药水或泪水,最好能再洗一遍手。
  3. 滴眼药时,头部要尽量向后仰,或平躺下来。 
  4. 将眼药水瓶嘴对准眼睛,点在结膜穹窿内。
  5. 闭上眼睛至少五分钟,不可以眨眼,并用手指轻轻按压眼内角鼻泪管处,至少二分钟,以减慢药液的排掉。




ROHTO Eye Drop #yellow 12ml


  • blurred eyes (excessive eyelids, etc.), eye fatigue, conjunctival hyperemia, prevention of eye diseases (when swimming, dust and sweat enter the eyes), eyelid inflammation, dry itchy eyes, ophthalmia caused by ultraviolet rays .
  • has anti-fatigue, remove red blood, promote metabolism, replenish moisture (moisturizing), and accelerate cell respiration.
  • It is especially suitable for people working in air-conditioned rooms and computers. The discomfort caused by wearing contact lenses also has excellent relief and treatment effects.


How to use:

  1. Use 1 to 2 drops; 5 to 6 times per day.
  2. Start by tilting your head backward while sitting, standing, or lying down.
  3. With your index finger placed on the soft spot just below the lower lid, gently pull down to form a pocket.
  4. Look up. Squeeze one drop into the pocket in your lower lid. ...
  5. Close your eye.



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日本乐敦ROHTO Lycee 维生素和氨基酸营养眼药水 #黄色 12ml ROHTO Eye Drop #yellow 12ml

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