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日本ROHTO乐敦 SUNPLAY2018年新款透亮素肌霜 SPF50+ PA++++ 30g


  • 提亮肤色,让你告别暗黄,暗沉的肤色一下子被提亮了起来,
  • 适合任何肤质
  • 改善肤质暗沉,轻松透气,
  • 任你随意出行,再也不用担心防晒问题了。 



  1. 白天擦完保养品之后,用手掌擦拭整个面部需要1日元的硬币大小,
  2. 然后再涂在敏感的中心和紫外线的脸颊上。




ROHTO SUNPLAY Clear Water Tone-up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 30g


  • Mentholatum Sunplay, Clear Water 30g (26ml) is a blue color sunscreen milk lotion that gives you a beautiful skin color when applied.
  • Cuts out powerful UV rays while covering your whole body and elevating skin color tone.
  • This blue colored milk covers up dullness all on the whole body.
  • Contains pearl*, which conceals dullness and brings you depth.
  • synthetic mica, titanium dioxide, mica (brightening agent)
  • SPF50+/PA++++
  • Resistant to sweat & water.
  • Contains the moisturizing ingredient sodium hyaluronate.
  • For the face & body. Can also be used as a makeup base.



  1. morning, after the lotion, and rub the entire face takes a 1-yen coin size in the palm of your hand, and
  2. then further coats to the sensitive center and cheek of ultraviolet rays.



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ROHTO乐敦 SUNPLAY透亮素肌霜 SPF50+ Clear Water Tone-up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 30g

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