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韩国 LG 清雅鸢尾花沐浴露 500ml


  • 包含3种花的花朵精华提取物(鸢尾,柠檬香脂/叶/茎,山金车花)。
  • 真正的温和配方,含有源自玉米的天然清洁成分。
  • 柔滑的奶油状稀奶油。
  • 浓郁明亮的花香,受花香启发。
  • 浪漫而诱人的英国鸢尾花香气。



  1. 在浸有热水的身体海绵或毛巾上取适量,充分起泡沫并洗净,然后仔细洗净




Romantic Iris Body Wash 500ml


  • Contains 3 flower essence extracts from flowers (iris, lemon balm/leaf/stem, arnica flower).
  • Real Mild Formula containing natural cleansing ingredients derived from corn.
  • A creamy spreading soft whipping foam.
  • A rich and bright floral fragrance inspired by flowers.
  • Romantic and alluring English Iris scent.


How to use:

  1. Take an appropriate amount on a body sponge or towel soaked in hot water, lather well and wash, then wash off carefully.



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韩国 LG 清雅鸢尾花沐浴露 500ml Romantic Iris Body Wash 500ml

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