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日本 RYUKAKUSAN 龙角散 20g


  • 龙角散以有止咳化痰作用的桔梗、美洲远志、杏仁、甘草为主要成分的喉咙药。
  • 人的气管内部有纤毛细胞,它的纤毛以1分钟大约1500次的速度不停震动并从气管内部分泌粘液。
  • 经呼吸道进来的尘埃、灰尘、细菌等被这种粘液吸附通过纤毛的震动排出体外。
  • 这是自然的净化作用。
  • 如果喉咙使用过度、吸烟、吸入污染的空气的话,会引起炎症从而有喉咙疼痛、喉咙有痰使其净化能力减弱、咳嗽等炎不适。
  • 这时,吃龙角散,其桔梗、美洲远志的有效成分皂苷配糖体从气管内部提高粘液分泌、活跃纤毛运动,起到祛痰止的消炎效果。



  • 按照图片上的剂量(1勺0.3g) ,用附带的小勺服用
  • 龙角散直接作用于咽喉黏膜发挥药效
  • 不宜用水吞服



  1. 从夹盖上将夹子取出
  2. 打开夹盖
  3. 用小勺盛满
  4. 将药粉放在舌头上,使药粉慢慢溶解,并将药粉逐渐吞咽进咽喉处。




RYUKAKUSAN Cold Medicine 20g


  • Long Jiao San is a throat medicine with echinacea, American Polygala, Almond, and Licorice as main ingredients.
  • There are ciliated cells inside the human trachea. Its cilia vibrate at a rate of about 1500 times a minute and secrete mucus from the inside of the trachea.
  • The dust, dust, bacteria, etc. that come in through the respiratory tract are absorbed by this mucus and excreted through the cilia.
  • This is natural purification.
  • Excessive use of the throat, smoking, or inhalation of contaminated air can cause inflammation, which can cause throat pain, throat sputum that weakens the purification ability, and cough and other irritations.
  • At this time, taking Longjiao Powder, saponin glycosides, the active ingredients of the Chinese bellflower and Polygala americana, increased mucus secretion from the inside of the trachea, activated ciliary movement, and played an anti-inflammatory effect of expectorant.


How to eat:

  • PleaseTake the Ryukakusan powder using the attached spoon(one spoonful=0.3g)
  • Ryukakusan works directly on the throat mucus membrane.
  • Please take without water.


How to use:

  1. Detach the spoon from the inner cap.
  2. Remove the inner cap.
  3. Scoop up a heaping spoon of Ryukakusan.
  4. Place it on the tongue and move them toward the back of the throat as it dissolves gradually.



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日本 RYUKAKUSAN 龙角散 20g RYUKAKUSAN Cold Medicine 20g

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