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日本RYUKAKUSAN龙角散 润喉粉 蜜桃味 16包


  • 龙角散”清喉直爽颗粒水蜜桃口味是镇咳、祛痰的药品。
  • 采用颗粒型式,不需搭配水即可随时服用,让生药成分直接作用在患部。
  • 一份条状包装是大人1次的服用分量。
  • “龙角散”清喉直爽颗粒水蜜桃口味不喝水直接服用,会直接作用于喉咙黏膜发挥效果。
  • "龙角散"清喉直爽颗粒水蜜桃口味呈颗粒状,在口中会如薄雪般迅速融化,快速而直接地作用于喉咙。



  1. 大人(15岁以上)一次1包
  2. 11岁以上15岁未满一次2/3包
  3. 7岁以上11岁未满一次1/2包
  4. 3岁以上7岁未满一次1/3包
  5. 未满3岁请勿服用。
  6. 一天6次,不喝水直接服用,每次服用请间隔2小时以上。




RYUKAKUSAN Direct Stick Peach 16stick


  • Ryukakusan Direct Stick Mint and Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach can sooth irritable and uncomfortable throat.
  • It is made into granular a type, so you can take anytime anywhere without water.
  • The active ingredients directly work on the affected area.
  • Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge Mango R, can be used starting from 5 years old.
  • Ryukakusan Direct Stick Mint and Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach, works directly affecting the throat's mucus membrane.
  • The effect will be weakened flushing it down to the stomach using water.
  • Ryukakusan Direct Stick Mint and Ryukakusan Direct Stick Peach, is a granular medicine working directly on the throat melting like a powder snow.
  • Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge Mango R, is a mango flavored lozenge providing a refreshing feeling of menthol lasting long time in your mouth.
  • One stick is a dose for adult, and it is available for children over 3 years.
  • Ryukakusan Direct Lozenge Mango R, put inside the mouth, let it dissolve without chewing.


How to use:

  1. Adults (over 15 years old) 1 pack at a time
  2. 2/3 packs once at 11 years old and under 15 years old
  3. 1/2 packs once at 7 years old and under 11 years old
  4. 1/3 packs once at 3 years old and under 7 years old
  5. Less than 3 years of age: Not to be taken
  6. Take without water. Wait 2 hours before the next use.


Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本RYUKAKUSAN龙角散 润喉粉 蜜桃味 16包 RYUKAKUSAN Direct Stick Peach 16sticks

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