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日本SANA莎娜 柔和三用眉彩笔 #B5蜜糖棕


  • Sana 柔和三用眉彩笔,综合了三种描绘眉型的工具-眉笔+眉粉+螺旋眉刷,简单就可以画出自然又专业的漂亮眉型。
  • 软硬适中的旋转眉笔+沾取眉粉的眉笔刷+整理眉毛用的螺旋眉刷,打造专业级的眉型!
  • 由于是椭圆形的旋转眉笔,线条的粗细和浓淡粗细都可以自由掌控,每一个美眉都可以轻松上手唷!
  • 简单设计好携带,随时都可以眉采飞扬!
  • 蜜糖棕比较显肤色的颜色,适合头发染浅色的MM。


  1. 眉笔:一根根勾画出眉毛整体形状。旋转式免削眉笔头,眉笔软硬适中,使用起来简单方便。建议转出0.5﹣1cm笔头即可。
  2. 眉粉:顺着眉毛形状整体涂匀。中间位置旋转打开沾取眉粉。椭圆形海绵软头眉粉,渲染自然洋气的效果。
  3. 螺旋式眉刷有塑胶盖子保护,眉刷可调整眉毛整体形状,完成眉部彩妆。




SANA New Born 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil #B5Honey Brown


  • 3 functions with one: pencil + powder + brush.
  • Pencil:Ellipse core pencil which is not too hard, too soft.
  • Eyebrow one can be easily and carefully drawn.
  • Powder:Easy to shade and easy to blur.
  • Pointed tip that can be drawn narrowly.
  • Brush:Soft touch screw brush.
  • For dark brown hair color people.


How to use:

  1. Pencil: Add 1 bottle to the bottom of the brow.
  2. Powder: Fluffy drawing along the eyebrows.
  3. Brush: Completion with hair blurring.



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日本SANA莎娜 柔和三用眉彩笔 #B5蜜糖棕 SANA New Born 3 Way Eyebrow Pencil #B5Honey Brown

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