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日本SARAYA COCO PALM 温感頭皮深层洁净精油 150ml


  • 日本原裝進口
  • 橙花香味!無礦物油配方!★
  • 每週1-2兩次簡單頭皮調理
  • 薑根、當歸根、地黃根、芍藥根等萃取成分配合,溫感舒緩修護頭皮



  1. 将头发完全弄湿,然后轻轻挤干。如果剩余水分过多,凝胶可能会进入眼睛并引起不适。
  2. 将喷嘴直接放在头皮上,然后将凝胶涂抹在头部的所有部位。涂抹时注意避开眼睛。
  3. 清洗时用指尖将洁面凝胶按摩到头皮上。冲洗干净。
  4. 像往常一样用洗发水清洗头发和头皮。




SARAYA Coco Palm Thermal Cleansing Gel 150ml


  • Firming of the scalp, Monteverdi-boobs and hot cleansing!
  • Sebum in the pores can not drop or dirt's cleansing.
  • Sensation scalp massage to the scalp giving Hari face impression.
  • The fragrance of neroli and passion fruit.
  • Special treatment 1-2 times a week,
  • Ginger root extract, Angelica acutiloba root extract, rehmannia chinensis root extract, Chinese herbal extract to healthy scalp!


How to use:

  1. Wet your hair completely and gently squeeze dry. If excess water remains, the gel may get into the eyes and cause discomfort.
  2. Place the nozzle directly to the scalp and apply the gel to all sections of the head. Be careful to avoid the eyes when applying.
  3. Massage cleansing gel into the scalp with the fingertips while washing. Rinse well.
  4. Wash your hair and scalp with shampoo as usual.



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日本SARAYA COCO PALM 温感頭皮深层洁净精油 150ml SARAYA Coco Palm Thermal Cleansing Gel 150ml

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