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日本 LION 狮王 温和去屑止痒药用护发素 320ml


  • 羟甲辛吡酮,防止头屑、瘙痒,以及除臭的效果十分优秀。
  • 导致头屑瘙痒的原因,主要是头皮分泌的皮脂氧化,以及吸收皮脂进行繁殖的表皮常在菌。
  • 羟甲辛吡酮可抗菌、抗氧化,作用到头皮每一个角落后便能有效抑制头屑瘙痒症状。
  • 散发淡雅的鲜花芳香。



  1. 像往常一样用洗发水清洗,彻底冲洗干净。




Scalp Itch And Dandruff Conditioner 320ml


  • Lion’s Octo Conditioner (Rinse) is a special formulation that contains Octopirox, which cleans the scalp and prevents dandruff and itching.
  • Pleasant mild floral scent.
  • Octo Conditioner is the most popular selling anti-dandruff conditioner in Japan, and one of the most popular conditioners of any kind in the country.


How to use:

  1. Wash as usual with your shampoo, rinse thoroughly.



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日本 LION 狮王 温和去屑止痒药用护发素 320ml Scalp Itch And Dandruff Conditioner 320ml

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