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日本 SEIWAPRO 双面超细双眼皮贴 20pairs


  • 耐水和耐汗的超细超薄双面胶带是透明且不明显的。
  • 我们使用对皮肤柔和的医用粘合剂。
  • 感觉温和,可以长时间保持形状




  1. 用附属小棒的前端轻压出双眼皮线。
  2. 用附属小棒将隐形双眼皮胶布从衬纸上撕下。
  3. 在双眼皮线的下方贴合,并用手指轻轻按压使其紧贴。
  4. 慢慢睁开双眼,确认双眼皮是否贴好,并用小棒使其完美贴合。




SEIWAPRO Double Sided Eyelid Tape 20pairs


  • An ultra-fine and ultra-thin double-sided tape that is resistant to water and sweat, is transparent and inconspicuous.
  • We use a medical adhesive that is gentle on the skin.With a gentle feel, you can keep the lid for a long time.


How to use:

* Wipe off any dirt or sebum on the eyelid before applying the tape.

  1. Close the eyes and place the tape under the ideal double eyelid line.
  2. Press the tape firmly using surface of the S-stick.

  3. Open the eyes slowly and done!



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日本 SEIWAPRO 双面超细双眼皮贴 20pairs SEIWAPRO Double Sided Eyelid Tape 20pairs (40PCS)

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