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SHIRO Fragrance Savon Body Milk 195g


-Body Milk contains aloe vera leaf extract, olive leaf extract, olive branch extract and shea fat oil.

-A highly moisturizing milk with a fresh and refreshing texture and a pleasant aroma.

-Spreads easily with no sticky feeling!


How to use:

  1. Shake before use.
  2. Apply over body immediately after bath or shower for optimum hydration.
  3. Massage the cream into skin until fully absorbed.


How to use:

When starting to use, please remove the plug and press it several times until the contents come out. Please apply an appropriate.



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【日本直邮】SHIRO SAVON 保湿滋润身体乳 195g 皂香







  1. 在使用前摇匀。
  2. 沐浴或淋浴后立即涂于身体上,以达到最佳保湿效果。
  3. 将奶油按摩至皮肤,直至完全吸收。



【日本直邮】SHIRO SAVON 保湿滋润身体乳 195g 皂香 SHIRO Fragrance Savon Body Milk 195g

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