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日本 SHISEIDO 资生堂 怡丽丝尔防晒霜 SPF50+ PA++++ 35ml


  • 白天美白乳液,让您的肌肤明亮,直至傍晚。
  • 它是一种抗衰老护肤品,可以在早上使用乳液后用作美容乳液,紫外线切割和化妆底霜。
  • 通过不断为皮肤提供水分,防止斑点和雀斑,同时保护皮肤紧致恶劣的外部环境。
  • 注意皮肤上的小皱纹干燥,让您的皮肤保持最佳状态。
  • 根据年龄保湿护理
  • 因干燥引起的小皱纹不太明显。



  1. 白天擦完保养品之后,用手掌擦拭整个面部需要1日元的硬币大小,
  2. 然后再涂在敏感的中心和紫外线的脸颊上。




SHISEIDO Elixir Day Care Revolution SPF50 PA++++ 35ml


  • A daytime whitening emulsion that keeps your skin bright until evening.
  • It is a day anti-aging skin care that can be used as beauty emulsion, UV cut, and makeup base just by applying after lotion in the morning.
  • Prevents spots and freckles while protecting your skin’s firmness from harsh outside environment by incessantly providing moisture to the skin.
  • Takes care of spot small wrinkles dryness on the skin and keeps your skin in top condition through the day.
  • moisturizing care according to their age
  • Makes small wrinkles caused by dryness less visible.



  1. morning, after the lotion, and rub the entire face takes a 1-yen coin size in the palm of your hand, and
  2. then further coats to the sensitive center and cheek of ultraviolet rays.



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SHISEIDO 资生堂 怡丽丝尔防晒霜 SPFF50 PA++++ Elixir Day Care Revolution SPF50 PA++++ 35ml

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