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日本 SHISEIDO 资生堂 怡丽丝尔 新版优悦活颜弹润乳液 II号(滋润型) 130ml


  • 留住润泽,锁水保湿。
  • 进一步渗透角质层,有效保持柔嫩弹力美肌的乳液。
  • 胶原蛋白GL成分,阻碍让肌肤不再紧致、弹性下降的元凶“老化酶”的活性,
  • 在表皮持续生成滋润细胞。预防其对真皮的不良影响。
  • 缔造并保持肌肤的透明度。
  • 含东洋草肌醇复合物,缔造丰盈紧致的肌肤,
  • 促进胶原蛋白自生,绽放弹润“水玉光”



  1. 化妆水后,取充足的量(直径约24mm)于化妆棉,
  2. 用手指夹住棉片,
  3. 细致地涂抹于整个面部。




SHISEIDO Elixir Skin Care By Age Lifting Moisture Emulsion II 130ml


  • This is an age-defense nighttime moisturizer that helps protect skin from damage caused by external aging factors.
  • Dramatically reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles on your face and maintaining rich moisture to the skin all day long.
  • Promotes firmer and lifted looking skin and suppresses melanin production to prevent spots or freckles.


How to use:

  1. After applying the lotion, take a sufficient amount (about 24mm in diameter) on a cotton pad,
  2. hold the cotton pad with your fingers,
  3. apply it to the entire face carefully.



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SHISEIDO 资生堂 Elixir 怡丽丝尔 活颜弹润乳液 II号(滋润型) 130ml Moisture Emulsion II 130ml

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