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日本SHISEIDO资生堂  修眉刀 3入裝


  • 拔眉毛會讓眼皮鬆弛,所以還是用刮的好。
  • 資生堂PREPARE眉刀使用起來非常順手,手柄弧度剛好合握。
  • 由日本人間工學中心研製開發,對把柄長度、粗細及剃刀角度等都做出了精心設計,菜鳥級選手也可以得心使用。
  • 要注意的是刮眉時一定要順著眉毛的生長方向刮。




  1. 修眉前需用洗面乳或皂沫將眉毛理順展開。
  2. 按口袋背面插圖提示的方向沿眉毛的走向輕輕地修除。
  3. 上眼瞼部多餘的眉毛要將皮膚展平後方容易剃除。
  4. 修眉完畢後,塗些乳霜可起到保濕作用。




SHISEIDO Eyebrow Razor 3pcs


  • T-type eyebrow and downing shaver that can keep the angle to the skin constant.
  • With a safety guard that prevents scratches and deep shaving and is gentle on the skin.
  • Rust-resistant and long-lasting Platinum processing is applied.


How to use:

  1. Before trimming the eyebrows, use facial cleanser or soap to straighten out the eyebrows.
  2.  Gently trim the eyebrows in the direction indicated by the illustration on the back of the pocket.
  3.  The excess eyebrows on the upper eyelid should be easily shaved after the skin is flattened.
  4.  After trimming the eyebrows, apply some cream to moisturize.



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日本SHISEIDO资生堂  修眉刀 3入裝 SHISEIDO Eyebrow Razor 3pcs

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