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  • 专业路线的香味技术“气味变化传感器”改变汗水等的气味,
  • 沐浴露可用于向不担心白天异味的人体洗净。
  • 天然来源的白眉成分(保湿性)和透明质酸(保湿性)的组合,可保持皮肤的水分。
  • 轻松柔和是花香的套房的芬芳。
  • 过敏反应试验结束。(所有人都过敏。)



  1. 用一只手固定盖子,并按箭头方向旋转喷嘴,直到泵松开。(重新盖上盖子,如果第一次尝试时泵未弹出,请再试一次。)
  2. 在湿毛巾或海绵上取适量,使其变成泡沫。彻底清洗身体后再冲洗干净。




SHISEIDO Perfect Bubble For Body Body Soap Sweet Floral 500ml


  • A fragrance technology "smell change sensor" of the specialized course changes smells such as the sweat and,
  • Body washing charges to wash to the body which is not worried about the smell that is unpleasant in the daytime.
  • Naturally derived white eyebrows ingredient (humidity retention) &W hyaluronic acid (humidity retention) combination to keep moisture of the skin.
  • It is a fragrance of the suite floral easy softly.
  • Allergic reaction test finished. (An allergy happens to all people.)


How To Use:

  1. Secure the cap with one hand and turn the nozzle in the direction of the arrow until the pump is released. (Reattach the cap and try again if the pump does not pop up on the first attempt.)
  2. Take an appropriate amount on a wet towel or sponge and work into foam. Rinse well after thoroughly washing your body.



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资生堂专科完美泡泡沐浴露花香型 SHISEIDO Perfect Bubble For Body Body Soap Sweet Floral 500ml

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