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日本 SHISEIDO 资生堂 莉薇特丽质纯防皱眼膜 12pairs


  • 封密式处理,有助加快纯维生素A(Retinol)深入渗透肌肤。
  • 持续使用,肤质获得改善,深纹减澹。
  • 眼膜以适合眼部肌肤使用的成分配制而成,能赋予肌肤水份滋润,舒缓眼部肌肤的干燥情况,并有助肌肤回复紧致丰盈。
  • 蕴含胶原紧肤膜-揉合深海胶原及透明质酸钠,兼具保护及修护作用的复合物。
  • 蒸气抚平效应 全新研制的高效渗透液化纯维他命A,瞬间软化肌肤表面,让大量活性成分犹如熨斗蒸气般渗透肌肤。紧贴肌肤的眼膜则发挥“熨斗”功能,抚平肌肤皱纹。
  • 促进角质代谢 纯维他命A促进老化角质的代谢,令肌肤表面柔滑紧致。
  • 提升肌肤弹性 玫瑰精华、3D氨基酸复合物,促进肌肤胶原蛋白与透明质酸产生,提升肌肤弹性。
  • 青春记忆效应 海洋胶原与生物透明质酸复合物、维他命A、WB活肤成分可改善角质层的锁水与自我防御能力,预防肌肤老化,保持肌肤紧致弹性,防止皱纹形成。
  • 同时适用于唇部周围肌肤。
  • 24片/12对(一盒)



  1. 早上或晚上,洁面、涂上健肤水和乳液后使用。
  2. 日间使用时,为避免视黄醇 (Retinol) 受紫外线破坏,敷完眼膜后,请涂上防晒产品或使用具 SPF 防晒功效的粉底。
  3. 每星期使用2-3次 (约隔日使用)。
  4. 撕开包装袋,取出胶盒,揭开盒盖。 
  5. 每次取出一片眼膜,敷于眼下位置。将眼膜均匀紧贴肌肤,按除眼膜与肌肤之间的空气。 (眼膜较阔的一端,应敷于眼尾。眼膜无分正反面。)
  6. 敷约10-15分钟,待眼膜完全乾透后撕除。
  7. 亦可敷于唇部周围。




SHISEIDO Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA 12pairs


  • A medicated mask that provides intensive care for beamless eyes and leads to youthful and supple skin.
  • Immediately after peeling, you will feel a plump beam and elasticity.
  • Effective ingredients penetrate quickly into the stratum corneum due to the sealing effect of the sheet, and prevent skin damage (skin roughness) from daily ultraviolet rays and dryness.
  • Contains medicinal active ingredient "Retinol".
  • Natural material sheet fits right under the eyes and the outer corners of the eyes.
  • Combined skin protection composite ingredient “collagen stretch coat” (marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, glycerin)


How to use:

  1. Apply the sheets under your eyes carefully so that air does not go between mask and skin. The thick part comes on the corners of the eyes.
  2. Take off the mask after 10 - 15 minutes when the sheets are dry.
  3. Apply after skin care lotion or emulsion either in the morning or at night.
  4. If you are using it in the morning, use the make up with UV protection components after taking off masks in order to protect Retinol effect from UV.
  5. You can use 2-3 times a week.
  6. You can also use them around mouth.
  7. Please keep and store the bags flat.
  8. If you are using other products with Retinol, do not use it every day in a row.
  9. Do not leave the bags where its hot and humid. 



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本SHISEIDO 资生堂 莉薇特丽质纯防皱眼膜 12pairs SHISEIDO Revital Wrinklelift Retino Science AA

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