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日本SHISEIDO资生堂 TSUBAKI思波绮金耀瞬护发膜 0秒发膜 180g


  • 对发丝表里兼顾双重修复,令干涩、毛糙的发丝也持久保持滋润柔顺,易梳理。
  • Salon级的修护,资生堂金耀瞬0秒护发膜可立即冲洗,但产品的修复和保湿效果深入渗透发丝,可助头发锁水,令发丝看起来光滑无比,有如从Salon洗护的效果,洗後带有山茶和果香。
  • 丰富的活性成分 x 创新的渗透技术
  • 赋予严重受损的头发光泽,打造光滑、天鹅绒般的头发。
  • TSUBAKI 高级修复面膜即使立即冲洗也能提供强大的修复效果。



  1. 使用洗发水和护发素后,从头发中挤出多余的水分并涂抹所需量的产品。
  2. 涂抹在整个头发上并彻底冲洗干净。(即使立即冲洗头发,也会提供足够的好处。)




SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask 180g


  • A hair mask that fills up damaged hair tips with beauty ingredients
  • It creates finest hair quality similar to post beauty salon treatment. It is able to widen and loosen the cuticles to make path for the beauty ingredients to penetrate and nurture your hair to the tips.
  • Deep infiltration of rich beauty ingredients Excellent damage repair and moisturizing effect
  • Sealing beauty ingredients inside your hair It seals our cuticles afterwards to prevent moisture evaporation and create long lasting moisture
  • Specialities
  • Even if it's rinsed immediately, it exerts a high moisturizing effect = quick treatment
  • Highly sustainable beauty-salon like result
  • Rich with camellia oil
  • Blooming fragrance of fine flower, honey, and fruit.


How to use:

  1. After shampoo and conditioner, lightly drain the moisture of your hair and apply an appropriate amount onto the whole hair.
  2. Rinse thoroughly afterwards (even when you rinse it immediately, it has sufficient effect on your hair).
  3. With its high treatment effect, it is recommended only to use it 1 to 2 times a week.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 SHISEIDO 资生堂 TSUBAKI 思波绮金耀瞬护发膜 0秒发膜 180g SHISEIDO TSUBAKI Premium Repair Mask

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