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日本SHISEIDO資生堂 Uno 活性炭男士深層清潔洗面奶 130g


  • 资生堂男士综合品牌UNO无色素、无矿物油,是高品质的全脸护理品牌。
  • 资生堂 UNO Whip Wash Black 是一种奶油色、深色泡沫洗面奶,采用木炭粉和甲基氢氧化物配制而成,可有效吸收毛孔深处的皮脂并改善皮肤质量。



  1. 挤出1cm左右于掌心,加入冷水或温水,搓揉出丰富泡沫后再轻轻按摩脸部,随后充分清洗。




SHISEIDO Uno Men Black Whip Wash 130g


  • Shiseido comprehensive men's brand UNO comes with no colouring, no mineral oil and is a high quality total face care brand.
  • Shiseido UNO Whip Wash Black is a creamy, dark-colored foamy facial wash formulated with Charcoal powder and Methyl Hydroxide for effective absorption of sebum deep from the pores and skin refining qualities.


How to use:

  1. Wash hands, clean entire face with clear water
  2. Dispense about 2 cm washing foam



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日本SHISEIDO資生堂 Uno 活性炭男士深層清潔洗面奶 130g SHISEIDO Uno Men Black Whip Wash 130g

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