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日本SHISEIDO资生堂 UNO男士多效合一完美面霜 90g


  • 日本热卖UNO男士专用面霜,呢款面霜唔似传统面霜既膏体状,有点似乳液状,非常清爽,容易吸收。
  • 一瓶代替了爽肤水,乳液,多功能面霜配合3种透明质酸,帮助肌肤水油平衡,持续使用,提高肌肤的含水量。有淡淡的柑橘香味。



  1. 洁面后取适量方于手中
  2. 轻压按摩,让保养成份渗透全脸
  3. 另外针对T部位,U字部位的顺序轻轻按摩。




SHISEIDO UNO Perfection All In One Cream 90g


  • UNG Cream Perfection is an all-in-one Japanese moisturiser gel-cream for men with oily yet dehydrated skin.
  • The gel-cream has the functions of a watery lotion, serum, moisturiser milk, face cream, and mask all in one step, And it can apply immediately on freshly shaved skin.
  • Oil-control powder prevents oiliness and unwanted shine, 2 types of hyaluronic acid targets dryness.
  • The all-in-one gel-cream penetrates quickly to target shiny, oily T-zone while replenishing dry Ideally suited for men in their 20s.

How to use:

  1. After washing your face
  2.  take an appropriate amount on the tip of a finger
  3.  gently blend over entire face.



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日本SHISEIDO资生堂 UNO男士多效合一完美面霜 90g SHISEIDO UNO Perfection All In One Cream 90g

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