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日本SHISEIDO资生堂 UNO男士控油乳液 160ml


  • 乳白色的乳液质地,使用起来非常的水润,流动性也很强。
  • 能够很轻松的就推开了,涂抹起来也不会有搓泥的情况出现。
  • 推开之后质地会慢慢的越来越水润,肌肤也会有凉凉的感觉,十分的舒服。



  1. 洁面后取适量(按压两次左右的量)均匀涂抹于面部。




SHISEIDO UNO Skin Care Tank Oil Control 160ml


  • Refreshing, non-sticky moisturizing lotion that blocks sebum and shine.
  • This one product targets all the skin issues that men face.
  • The thick lotion blends easily in to the skin, prevents acne and rough skin.


How to use:

  1. After cleansing, take an appropriate amount (approximately pressed twice) and apply it evenly on the face.



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日本SHISEIDO资生堂 UNO男士控油乳液 160ml SHISEIDO UNO Skin Care Tank Oil Control 160ml

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