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日本 SMILE COSMETIQUE 美白牙刷牙膏套装 2pcs


  • 时尚的牙膏移动装置,带有纤细的牙刷,易于握持,散发芳香的空间和纤细的形状,并且是紧凑的扁平型,易于打磨。
  • 请在办公室,旅途中或旅行目的地使用它。
  • 它带有华丽的香味呼吸,可刷新您的心情。



  1. 取下牙膏盖,将喷嘴靠近牙刷
  2. 轻轻按下喷嘴,一次用量大约0.4ml
  3. 刷好之后,用清水漱口




SMILE COSMETIQUE Tooth Brush & Toothpaste Set 2pcs


  • A stylish toothpaste mobile phone set with a slim toothbrush that is easy to grip with a fragrance paste and slim shape, and is a compact flat type that is easy to brush.
  • Please use it in the office, on the go, or at your travel destination.
  • It refreshes your mood with a gorgeous scented breath.


How to use:


  1. Squeeze a proper amount of toothpaste onto the toothbrush and gently wipe the teeth and gum.



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日本 SMILE COSMETIQUE 美白牙刷牙膏套装2pcs SMILE COSMETIQUE Tooth Brush & Toothpaste Set

SKU: 3028192571
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