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日本 皓乐齿 SUNSTAR ORA2 超极美白高浓缩牙膏 #芳香薄荷味 17g


  • 净白无暇晶钻护理一周一次集中护理!
  • 这个牙膏相当于面部护理时的面膜达到一般的牙膏达不到的美白牙齿效果
  • 针对顽强难以去除的齿垢、预防牙结石、添加亮白闪耀因数(钻石粉末)
  • 实现光泽亮白的牙齿每周使用一次即可







SUNSTAR ORA2 Deep Cleansing Toothpaste #Aroma Mint 17g


  • White and flawless crystal diamond care once a week intensive care!
  • This toothpaste is equivalent to a facial mask in facial care to achieve a whitening effect that ordinary toothpaste cannot achieve.
  • For stubborn and difficult-to-remove tartar, prevent dental calculus, add bright white sparkle factor (diamond powder).
  • For shiny, white teeth, just use once a week.


How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount (approximately 1mm) on the toothbrush, Gently brush teeth and gums.



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皓乐齿 超极美白高浓缩牙膏 芳香薄荷 SUNSTAR ORA2 Deep Cleansing Toothpaste #Aroma Mint 17g

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