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日本 皓乐齿 SUNSTAR ORA2 净澈气息口腔喷剂 #清香柑橘 6ml


  • 一种口腔喷雾,让您呼吸清晰、快速和清晰。
  • 含有l-薄荷醇,可杀灭引起异味的细菌。
  • 口腔喷剂: 含有抗菌配方,可清新口气并立即去除异味。
  • 它携带方便、时尚,有 7 种有趣和清爽的口味。



  1. 初次使用先空压2~3次
  2. 再朝口腔噴喷压1~2次




SUNSTAR ORA2 Mouth Spray #Citrus Mint 6ml


  • A mouth spray that gives you a clear, quick and clear breath.
  • Contains l-menthol to sterilize the bacteria that cause odor.
  • Ora2 me Mouthspray contains antibacterial formula that freshens your breath and removes odour instantly.
  • It is easy to carry, stylish and it comes in 7 fun and refreshing flavours.


How to use:

  1. Empty push for 2 to 3 times at the beginning of use.
  2. Spray your mouth two or three times.



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皓乐齿 净澈气息口腔喷剂 清香柑橘 SUNSTAR ORA2 Mouth Spray Citrus Mint 6ml

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