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日本 皓乐齿 SUNSTAR ORA2 亮白净色精致牙膏 地中海柑橘薄荷味 100g


  • 更高级别的去污护理,可去除污渍并恢复牙齿的原始白度。
  • 蕴含球状亮白小颗粒配合去渍成份有效清除牙齿表面牙渍。
  • 内有亮白小颗粒刷牙时带给你从未有过的微粒触感体验。
  • 去除牙菌防止蛀牙。






SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Stain Clear Toothpaste Citrus Mint 100g


  • The next level of stain removal care that removes stains and restores teeth to their original whiteness.
  • Contains spherical whitening small particles and stain-removing ingredients to effectively remove tooth stains on the tooth surface.
  • There are small bright white particles inside that bring you an unprecedented particle tactile experience when you brush your teeth.
  • Removes dental bacteria and prevents tooth decay.


How to use:

Apply an appropriate amount (approximately 1mm) on the toothbrush, gently brush teeth and gums.



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皓乐齿 亮白牙膏 地中海柑橘薄荷味 SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Stain Clear Toothpaste Citrus Mint 100g

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