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日本 皓乐齿 SUNSTAR ORA2 高级美白去污牙膏 #薄荷 100g


  • 在去除牙膏污渍的基础上,可以使牙齿增白。
  • 包含球形亮白色小颗粒和去污成分,可有效去除牙齿表面的牙齿污渍。
  • 有明亮的白色颗粒可以刷牙,为您带来前所未有的触摸体验。
  • 去除牙菌斑防止蛀牙坚固的牙齿持久清新的口气.



  1. 在牙刷上涂抹适量(约1毫米)
  2. 轻刷牙齿与牙龈的位置。




SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Stain Clear Whitening Toothpaste #Mint 100g


  • On the basis of removing toothpaste stains, it can whiten teeth.
  • Contains spherical bright white particles and decontamination ingredients, which can effectively remove dental stains on the surface of teeth.
  • There are bright white particles to brush your teeth, bringing you an unprecedented touch experience.
  • Removes plaque to prevent cavities, strong teeth, lasting fresh breath


How to use:

  1. Use an appropriate amount of toothpaste on toothbrush.
  2. Gently brush the teeth and do not swallow.



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皓乐齿 高级去污美白牙膏 薄荷 SUNSTAR ORA2 Premium Whitening Toothpaste Mint 100g

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