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SUPPLE MARCHE White Peach Oolong Tea Bag 20g


uses Taiwan's frozen top oolong tea oolong. One pack of tea packs soaks in 250cc of hot water. It tastes sweet and has a white peach fragrance. Smell the strong white peach fragrance without drinking. The second time you can drink the aroma of the white peach fruit. The third time is the slightly white peach leaf fragrance. 


How to use:

  1. Put one tea bag in the cup and pour boiling water (about 150cc).
  2. Leave it for 3 minutes and it's done. (Because it is a good quality oolong tea, it will not be bitter even if you leave the tea bag soaked.)

* When brewing in a kyusu, leave it for about 90 seconds and pour it into a cup before drinking.
The first roast has a scent of peach fruit, the second roast has a scent of peach blossoms and fruits, and the third roast has a faint scent of peach flowers.
* If you put 250cc of water and a tea bag in a container and cool it in the refrigerator, you can discover a different taste.
(Since no preservatives are used, please take it on the same day)



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日本SUPPLE MARCHE 白桃乌龙茶20g





  1. 在杯子里放一个茶包,倒入沸水(约150cc)。
  2. 放置3分钟即可完成。(由于它是优质的乌龙茶,即使将茶袋浸湿也不会苦。)




日本SUPPLE MARCHE 白桃乌龙茶20g SUPPLE MARCHE White Peach Oolong Tea Bag 20g

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