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日本TAGAMI 山茶花 美发梳子 1pc


  • 产地:日本
  • 尺寸: 全长20.5cm×3.5cm宽
  • 材质: 聚乙烯,聚丙烯,0.2%山茶花油
  • 包装:无盒
  • 耐热温度:80度
  • 规格:1把








TAGAMI Camellia Hair Comb 1pc


  • Origin: Japan
  • Size: Total length 20.5cm×3.5cm wide
  • Material: polyethylene, polypropylene, 0.2% camellia oil
  • Packaging: No box
  • Heat-resistant temperature: 80 degrees
  • Specifications: 1pc


Product Description:
The 2-3 μm micropores around the hair needle are rich in natural "camellia oil" ingredients. The 50,000 micropores help the camellia oil penetrate the hair. It can add luster and pleasant fragrance while combing the hair. It is a hair cosmetic. Just by combing your hair, you can maintain your hair!



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TAGAMI 山茶花 美发梳子 Camellia Hair Comb 1pc

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