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  • 适用于口腔溃疡,贴片不仅能治疗溃疡,而且能隔离溃疡,减少疼痛。
  • 补营养进食对于口内炎症、舌炎、口腔粘膜溃疡、肿痛等病症,
  • 有很好的粘膜修复功能及良好的杀菌效果。
  • 涂后会在伤口上形成一层油性保护膜,保证唾液、水等不破坏伤口。
  • 口腔溃疡贴片大正QuickCare是,“贴的”口腔溃疡治疗药。
  • 在口腔内部具有良好的附着力,紧紧覆盖防止患处受到刺激,且成分会持续发挥作用。
  • 非类固醇消炎药,配合花树根提取精华和甘草次酸。
  • 消炎的同时促进肉的生长,加速伤口愈合。
  • 真的是超级好用的一款口腔溃疡贴。



  1. 成年人(15岁以上)&儿童(5岁以上):每患处1天1~2次,1次1张,请粘着在患处粘膜上使用。
  2. 未满5岁不宜使用
  3. 请严格遵守规定的用法用量。
















TAISHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO Mouth Ibflammation Sticker 10pcs


  • The patch is sized perfectly to cover the affected area to prevent pain and to suppress the inflammation so stomatitis will heal faster.
  • Now you can enjoy your meal without lingering pain from your mouth ulcer.
  • Don't worry, the adhesive power of this product is so strong it won't peel off while you are chewing your food.
  • Super easy to carry around with you


How to use:

  1. Put 1 patch on the affected area 1 to 4 times a day
  2. Adults (over 15 years old)&Children (over 5 years old):1 to 2 times a day per affected area

  3. Under 5 years old:Not suitable for use


*Please do not use for infants less than 5 years old*

*Please adhere strictly to the prescribed dosage*

*The patch will not dissolve. (leeandw)*

*It will peel naturally over time*

*please do not forcefully remove it*

*Please throw away after the patch peeled off.*

*Do not swallow it. (the main ingredient of the patch is cellulosic [fiber ingredients] so in case you happen to swallow the patch, it will not be digested but discharged outside the body*



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 TAISHO PHARMACEUTICAL CO 大正制药 口腔溃疡贴纸 10枚 Mouth Ibflammation Sticker 10pcs

SKU: 3030009581
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