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韩国 TEMPO 得宝 樱花迷你纸手帕 单包装 1pcs


  • 畅销欧洲,时尚单品。
  • 四层加厚。
  • 湿水柔韧,不易掉纸屑。
  • 进口原生木浆。




TEMPO Sakura Mini Paper Handkerchief 1pcs


  • Best-selling European, fashion items.
  • Four-layer thickening.
  • Wet water is flexible and not easy to drop paper scraps.
  • Imported virgin wood pulp.



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韩国 TEMPO 得宝 樱花迷你纸手帕 单包装 1pcs TEMPO Sakura Mini Paper Handkerchief 1pcs

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