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韩国 THE ORCHID SKIN 幽兰 保湿护手霜 60ml


  • 淡淡兰花香, 补水润肤
  • 哑光质地的膏体的护手霜,涂抹均匀后拿在有光的地方左右摇摆,在一粒粒小水滴后面你会看到一层“保护膜”笼罩着,上手后凉凉的,爽而不腻,是立竿见影的润肤!
  • 少女系爆棚好物,易带。

  • 轻轻推开,即爆水珠,即时保湿。

  • 迅速滲入肌膚,形成保濕層,滋潤而不黏笠

  • 清爽感覺, 天然保濕因子,激活表層肌膚,保持肌膚水潤,淡淡蘭花香味。



  1. 涂抹适量的护手霜当感觉手干燥时。




THE ORCHID SKIN Orchid Flower Moisture Tok Tok Hand Cream 60ml


  • Unleashed water droplets when apply
  • Boost energy and vitalise skin
  • Contains ultimate moisturizing capability
  • A refreshing water drop-type hand cream.
  • Once you gently rubbed it, the cream transforms into water drops that deeply applied Into your skin layers.
  • Enhanced skin hydration and retain moisture.
  • Relieved wrinkles and strengthened firmness.
  • Long lasting moisture without stickiness.
  • Contain natural plants extracts which creates a water coated cover while supplying sufficient moisture.


How to use:

  1. After washing and drying your hands, take an appropriate amount.
  2. Apply evenly throughout your hands and well into your fingers and nails for better absorption.



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韩国 THE ORCHID SKIN 幽兰 保湿护手霜 60ml Orchid Flower Moisture Tok Tok Hand Cream 60ml

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