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韩国 THE ORCHID SKIN 蒂欧丝幽兰一品口香糖眼膜 淡化黑眼圈款 1对入


  • 点亮你的眼睛打开你的美丽。 眼膜有助于活化和提亮暗沉的肌肤。
  • 它使肌肤晶莹剔透,帮助您恢复眼睛的青春秘密。
  • 保湿:蓖麻油和西兰花提取物有效保湿和舒缓肌肤。
  • 亮白:柠檬提取物,月亮兰花提取物和Calanthe提取物有助于提亮肤色,改善黑眼圈。
  • 增强肌肤弹性:含有水解胶原蛋白和马铃薯提取物,使肌肤恢复活力,增加弹性,使肌肤更饱满。
  • 超级粘合剂:获得专利的“弹性水性凝胶片”
  • 可以很好地粘合皮肤,更有效地为皮肤提供水分和活性成分。



  1. 清洁后,涂抹爽肤水软化皮肤。
  2. 用抹刀将凝胶贴片涂抹在所需区域。20-30 分钟后取下贴片。




THE ORCHID SKIN Smoky Under Youth Eye Patch 1pair


  • Lighten up your eyes to unwrap your beauty.
  • The eye mask helps to vitalize and brighten the dull skin.
  • It makes skin crystal clear and bright, helps you to regain the youthful secret of the eyes.
  • Moisturizing: Castor Oil and Broccoli extract effectively hydrates and sooths skin.
  • Brightening: Lemon extract, Moon Orchid extract and Calanthe extract help to brighten skin and improve dark circles.


How to use:

  1. Finish basic skin care after wash.
  2. Pill off film from eye patch and attach to dull & wrinkled skin near eyes.
  3. After 20 ~ 30 minutes, remove eye patch. 



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THE ORCHID SKIN蒂欧丝幽兰一品口香糖眼膜淡化黑眼圈款1对入 THE ORCHID SKIN Smoky Under Youth Eye Patch

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