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新加坡虎标 万金油 #白色 10g


  • 能解除头痛,鼻塞,蚊叮虫咬,痕痒及肚痛肠胃气胀
  • 提供更温暖的舒适感,并能快速缓解肌肉酸痛、疼痛和扭伤。
  • 祛风止痒 蚊虫叮咬止痛感冒头痛疲劳犯困。



  1. 将虎标万金油轻轻涂抹在患处。




TIGER Balm Ointment #White 10g


  • For the relief of headache, nasal congestion, insect bites, itchiness and flatulence.
  • The classic Tiger Balm ointment which many of us grew up with.
  • It is often used for headache remedies.
  • Count on this family favorite to soothe a variety of ailments like stuffy nose, flatulence and itch due to insect bites.
  • Gently rub over the affected area to allow its herbal formulation to soothe headaches, stuffy nose and other discomforts quickly and effectively.
  • Headache remedies, Relieves stuffy nose, flatulence and itch due to insect bites
  • Fast acting pain-relief properties
  • Made from herbal ingredients


How to use:

  1. Apply Tiger Balm Plus gently on the affected area



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新加坡虎标 万金油 #白色 10g TIGER Balm Ointment #White 10g

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