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日本UNICHARM SOFY尤妮佳苏菲 日用卫生巾23cm 20pcs


  • 卫生巾在此期间可以对敏感肌肤进行温柔护理。
  • (对于不寻常的月经血量,白天使用,带翅膀,23厘米)。 
  • “嫩肤”表面柔软蓬松但不粘腻,减轻了负担,同时在此期间对敏感肌肤和精神健康进行温和护理。 正面和背面的
  • “钻石压力图案” 也可以防止血液泄漏然后吸收它。 表面设计了一些快乐元素
  • 卓越的吸收功能可在底部锁定甚至厚的流量

  • 表面保持干燥,对皮肤舒适

  • 最柔软的波浪状表层,减少皮肤接触



  1. 打开包裹住卫生巾的那层包装,取出卫生巾
  2. 将卫生巾固定在内裤上                                                                                                                                        *无护翼型卫生巾只需粘贴即可*                                                                                                                       *加长型卫生巾请注意区分前后*
  3. 护翼型卫生巾的护翼是可翻折的。 如果生理裤的裤裆处为2层,护翼可插入2层中间的空隙
  4. 使用护翼型卫生巾时,请将护翼与内裤裤裆最窄处紧密贴合




UNICHARM SOFY Skin Comfort Hadaomoi Sanitary Daytime With Wing 23cm 20pcs


  • The sanitary napkins can take tender care of the sensitive skin during the period. (For unusual Menstrual blood volume, daytime use, with wings, 23cm).
  • "Tender skin"surface is soft and fluffy but not sticky, reducing the burden while taking gentle care of the sensitive skin and mental health during the period.
  • "Diamond pressure patterns"
  • on the front and back can also keep blood from leaking and then absorb it.
  • Some happy elements are designed in and on the surface of it, abandoning depression in the period.


  1. Please use and replace timely in menstrual period.


  • Please refer to physician's opinions in case that the skin feels uncomfortable after using the napkins.
  • Please throw the used napkins wrapped with packaging film into a dustbin instead of toilet directly



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日本UNICHARM SOFY尤妮佳苏菲 日用卫生巾23cm 20pcs Skin Comfort Sanitary Daytime With Wings

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