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日本UNICHARM尤妮佳 SOFY 安心棉柔护翼日用卫生巾 22枚


  • 选用天然棉花,柔软顺滑的表层能够减少与私处娇嫩肌肤接触的面积,缓解摩擦带来的不适感。
  • 不留缝隙 放心吸收。
  • 双阻线阻隔渗漏,腔体贴合区轻柔贴合皮肤,防止出现缝隙。
  • 快速滴下吸收血液而不扩散的表层材料 原料和成分
  • 采用“长块线”增加中间的吸收!
  • 快速去除经血并吸收而不会扩散的表层
  • 带翅膀



  1. 打开独立包装袋,将防粘纸从卫生巾上撕除,然后将卫生巾贴于内裤上。
  2. 建议每2小时更换一次。
  3. 开封后请做好防尘、防虫、防菌措施。




UNICHARM Sofy Wings Sanitary Pad 22pcs


  • No gaps, no worries!
  • The double block line blocks leakage and the cavity fit zone gently fits the skin to prevent gaps.
  • A top sheet that quickly drops and absorbs blood without spreading it
  • Safe absorption without gap!
  • Cotton-like texture (*Cotton is not included)
  • Adopting "long block line" increases absorption in the middle!
  • Block the left and right spots with the W block line and the center fit zone gently fits the skin without creating a gap!
  • Top sheet that quickly removes menstrual blood and absorbs it without spreading it
  • With wings


How to use:

  1. Open the individual package and remove the flim, then stick it on the underwear.
  2. It is sugguested to change it every 2 hours.
  3. Please keep it away from dust, insect and bacteria.



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日本UNICHARM尤妮佳 SOFY 安心棉柔护翼日用卫生巾 22枚 UNICHARM Sofy Wings Sanitary Pad 22pcs

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