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日本 UYEKI 专业防螨虫洗剂 500ml


  • 有效清洁除螨,天然无刺激,尤其适合用来洗孕妇、婴幼儿及儿童的衣物。
  • 外包装简洁大方,选用环保耐用材料,科学盖头设计,盖量方便使用。
  • 洗床品的时候可以跟柔顺剂等一起放入,一次洗涤可以长效除螨1个月,而且可以有效防止新生螨虫。
  • 除螨效果可保持2~3次正常清洗,不常清洗衣物效果可持续1个月左右。
  • 安全配方,无毒无害,有效确保人体健康。
  • 可以与柔顺剂、漂白剂一起使用。
  • 制药洗衣时稍稍加入即可从源头上减少螨虫数量。



  1. 洗涤布制品时,加入些许本产品即可;
  2. 可与柔顺剂及其他产品同时使用;
  3. 可在拖地时加入水里,同样可以除螨。




UYEKI Anti-mites Laundry Detergent Liquid 500ml


  • Washing a tick for washing dust mites can is repellent.
  • Guard the bedding from the causes of house dust mites.
  • Prevents the covers and sheets have preeminence mite repellent effect, Dani now from bed linen, from the tatami and mats into the bedding.
  • In conjunction with the bleach and fabric softener.
  • Use washable sheets, covers, cotton blanket, blanket, carpet mats


How to use:

  1. The laundry washing machine and washing machine... put this flexible material Inlet.
  2. tanks-operated washing machines put rinse water... when to clean this product, stop pouring and rotate for about 5 minutes.


* After dehydration is dried in the Sun dry.
*When powering up (active ingredient but at slightly lower with dryer) , product rinse water using tap water.*
* Can use this product even when washing clothing and linen together.
(No problem drug adsorbed to clothing)

*amount of 100% cotton sheets, washing machine capacity*


quantity of washing and water usage:

  • 7kg(5.5kg)/65L/37ml
  • 6kg(4.5kg)/60L/30ml
  • 4.2kg(3.0kg)/45L/20ml
  • 2.2kg(1.5kg)/30L/10ml


*If you increase approximately 1.5 times the usage.*
*When finished using chemical fibres such as acrylic.*
*When completing the greats such as cotton blanket, blankets, carpets and mats.*
*When dry with the dryer.*



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

日本 UYEKI 专业防螨虫洗剂 500ml UYEKI Anti-mites Laundry Detergent Liquid 500ml

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