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日本 UYEKI 花香型除螨喷雾 250ml


  • 日本过敏反应协会推荐,此款除螨消臭除菌喷雾不使用任何杀虫成分,能够去除螨虫的同时也不用担心影响身体;已通过皮肤过敏测试;再频繁打扫卫生都唔够螨虫繁殖得快。
  • UYEKI除螨喷雾含有令螨虫无法觅食慨成分,令螨虫无法进食而逐渐减少消失。
  • 单人床单慨size大约喷20下,一支可以喷约25张床单。
  • 可以喷沙发、床垫、BB玩慨玩具、地毡等地方。
  • 1可驱除和抑制尘螨生长
  • 2减少因尘螨引起的湿疹、过敏、支气管炎、哮喘等症状
  • 3添加除菌剂成份,对抗尘螨之余同时杀菌
  • 4添加清新花香味,用后使物件留下微香
  • 5不含杀虫剂:对皮肤刺激小,成分不会影响人体健康;担心杀虫剂副作用的消费者也可放心使用
  • 适用范围:布质、绒质的物件、例如被褥:床单、被铺、毛毯、毛巾、床垫、枕头、枕套、毛公仔、地毯、布质梳化、咕笋、咕笋套、布质窗帘等、榻榻米,坐垫、坐垫套等等。
  • 容量:250ml
  • 效果:驱除螨虫的有效时限为一个月
  • 适合:天然安全零污染零刺激,婴儿孕妇宠物也可用



  1. 可用于织物并用作日常空气清新剂
  2. 远离婴儿




DaniClin Anti-Mite Anti-Baterial Spray 250ml


  • Recommended by the Japan Allergic Reaction Association.
  • This mite deodorant spray does not use any insecticidal ingredients.
  • It can remove mites without worrying about affecting the body.
  • It has passed the skin allergy test.
  • Frequent cleaning is enough for the mites to reproduce quickly UYEKI mite spray contains ingredients that make mites unable to forage, making them unable to eat and gradually disappear.
  • The size of a single bed sheet is sprayed about 20 times, and one sheet can spray about 25 sheets.
  • It can be sprayed on sofas, mattresses, BB toys, floor mats, etc.
  • Can drive away and inhibit the growth of dust mites
  • Reduce the symptoms of eczema, allergies, bronchitis and asthma caused by dust mites
  • Add bactericide ingredients to sterilize the dust mites at the same time
  • Add fresh flower fragrance and make objects Leaves a slight fragrance
  • Insecticide-free: little irritation to the skin, the ingredients will not affect human health; consumers who are worried about the side effects of pesticides can also use it with confidence
  • Scope of application: cloth and fleece items, such as bedding: sheets, bedding, blankets, towels, mattresses, pillows, pillowcases, hair dolls, carpets, cloth carding, goo bamboo, goo bamboo covers, cloth curtains Wait, tatami, cushion, cushion cover and so on.
  • Capacity: 250ml
  • Effect: Effective time limit for repelling mites is one month
  • Suitable: Natural and safe with zero pollution and zero irritation, babies, pregnant women and pets are also available


How to use:

  1. can be used on fabric and use as a daily air refresher
  2. take away from baby



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日本 UYEKI 花香型除螨喷雾 250ml DaniClin Anti-Mite Anti-Baterial Spray 250ml

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