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韩国VT COSMETICS 老虎痘痘贴 12贴/袋 


  • 积雪草可以增加肌肤表皮的抵抗力,具有抗发炎、镇静、解毒、消肿的、缓解过敏等效果,赋予肌肤弹性光滑,强化肌肤的柔软度,可以延缓老化。
  • 积雪草以其优秀的茗星功效,厚积薄发,几乎成了美容护肤界雪颜护肤的“万金油”。
  • 含有积雪草和芦荟精华,能分解和吸收伤口渗透的分泌物,加快痘痘愈合,解决尴尬痘痘肌大难题。
  • 采用特殊水状胶体,防水防汗防尘防触碰,全方位保护伤口,防止二次感染,即使贴着游泳、化妆或睡觉也可长时间不脱落。
  • 痘痘隐形神器 (2毫米厚度),上脸非常自然,彷佛自己的肌肤一样服帖,不突兀。
  • 长痘的时候,上妆真是帮了大忙。
  • 采用刀线设计,在中间部位做分离,可以更加快捷的揭取痘痘贴,同时防止揭取时翻起卷曲。



  1. 先将需要贴痘痘貼的部位清理干净,保持干爽。
  2. 沿着刀线取下痘痘贴,贴在有痘痘的部位。
  3. 8至12小时后,如果痘痘貼变白、胀大,即可小心揭下。




VT COSMETICS Cica Spot Patch 12pcs


  • Contains Centella Asiatica Extract, helps absorbing the exuded substances from the wound area and later decomposes the secretions, while at the same time soothing and calming the skin and effectively healing the wound.
  • Water-proof and sweat-proof, with excellent adhesion, more convenient for daily activities, generally wash your face or go swimming will not make the patch hindered, loose or fall off.
  • Made of a thin material, combined with excellent craftsmanship, the borders of the spot patch are fused to the skin surface and are not easily noticeable.
  • Using special cutting method.
  • Product is easily removable.
  • Hold the tip when you remove the spot patch.
  • The patch will level with the wound's surface.
  • Pull it off gently.


How to use:

  1. Cleanse the area around the blemishes, then attach the patch on to the desired spot.
  2. Do not remove the patch until the size of the blemish is reduced so that the patch can effectively absorb the impurities.
  3. When the Patch turns white, peel it off gently.
  4. Replace it with a new one as needed.



Product packaging, specifications and price are subject to change without notice. All information about the products on our website is provided for information purposes only. Please always read labels, warnings and directions provided with the product before use.

韩国VT COSMETICS 老虎痘痘贴 12贴/袋 VT COSMETICS Cica Spot Patch 12pcs

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