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WONJIN EFFECT 原辰 保湿洁面乳 (沒有外盒包裝)


  • 可有效清除皮肤上的污垢,死皮细胞,防晒霜和化妆品,同时保持皮肤湿润柔软。
  • 松萝芭芭蕉叶提取物–以强大的生命力和出色的医学特性而闻名,丰富的松萝芭芭蕉叶提取物可净化皮肤,改善皮肤表面,使其光滑健康。
  • 完美的水分–与甘氨酸ECO形成的水分复合物,而蘑菇和香菇则具有出色的保湿性能,可立即为皮肤提供水分并锁住水分。它有助于胶原蛋白的合成,赋予皮肤弹性和紧致感。
  • 天然表面活性剂–天然表面活性剂可轻柔地去除皮肤上的污垢和杂质,而不会刺激皮肤,不会造成紧绷感,使皮肤保持湿润柔软。








WONJIN EFFECT Hydro Vial Cleansing Foam 80ml (No Outer Box)


  • All kinds of skin can find the right model in the WONJIN EFFECT.
  • This through the pineapple extract and moisturizing ingredients, to achieve skin purification & form a skin lock film.
  • With the original Chen in the Fang Deep cleansing care solution, remove old waste to maintain skin moisture, feel skin balance, remove old skin waste, skin purification will reduce water loss to less.
  •  To the core ingredients of the WONJIN EFFECT ,to achieve a balanced skin condition that is moisturized and not tight after cleansing


How to use:

1. Take the cleansing milk in palm and layer the rich foam.

2. Evenly apply to the face, massage and rinse with warm water.



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WONJIN EFFECT 原辰保湿洁面乳 (沒有外盒包裝) Hydro Vial Cleansing Foam 80ml (No Outer Box)

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