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日本 YAMAMOTO 山本汉方制药 大麦若叶OMEGA-3 青汁排毒 4gx36pcs


  • 大麦若叶粉末是用大麦的嫩芽进行加工,做成易容于水,超微粒粉末的“美味青汁”。
  • 气味和味道没有特殊的异味,素材本身淳朴的香味和味道,您每天喝也不会腻。
  • 本产品含有多种天然营养成分,是纯度100%的青汁。



  1. 将一袋大麦草粉倒入调酒器或杯子中。
    * 确保倒入小袋中的所有内容物。
  2. 添加 100 毫升(3.4 液量盎司)的水、牛奶或任何其他饮料。
  3. 充分混合以溶解非常细的年轻大麦草粉。
    * 不建议搭配热饮。




YAMAMOTO Young Barley Grass Powder + OMEGA 3 4gx36pcs


  • Young Barley Grass with Hawaiian Spirulina, and Chia Seed Oil.
  • New Texture.
  • 100% Young Barley Grass is delicious and easy to drink.
  • The flavor is similar to matcha tea. It is produced 100% from young barley leaves washed and dried at a low temperature to keep in nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals.
  • Our young barley leaves are grown in clean, natural air and are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber to support your health.
  • Sterilized with pressurized steam, pesticide-tested and additive free.


How to drink:

  1. Pour a sachet of Young Barley Grass powder into a shaker or a cup.
    * Make sure to pour all contents of the sachet.
  2. Add 100cc (3.4 fl oz.) of water, milk or any other beverage.
  3. Mix very well to dissolve the very fine young barley grass powder.
    * Not recommended with hot beverages.



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日本 YAMAMOTO 山本汉方制药 大麦若叶OMEGA-3 青汁排毒 4gx36pcs Young Barley Grass Powder + OMEGA 3

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